Training a Cat to Jump Up on Cue

Cat sitting on a post

Why you should train “up”

Training a cat to sit somewhere off the floor is a good way to keep them off your kitchen table or counter. It also comes in handy during cat-cat introductions. We do this by training the cat to jump up on cue.

Catch the wanted behavior

When a cat jumps up, say “up” while he is in mid-air. Then give him a treat when he is on the surface your want him to use. After a few times, you can cue “up” when he’s crouched and about to jump. Repeat this over the next few days.

Cuing “up”

Next, say “up” when the cat is just looking at the surface that has been earning him yummy treats. If he jumps up, you have cued Up for the first time! If he doesn’t, just walk away. And go back to catching the wanted behavior, as described above.

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