"Patience was great! Communication was always great. She knew what my cats needed and when they needed it. I also learned a few other things about my cats I did not know along the way. I didn’t think my cats would ever co-exist again (redirected aggression issue) and here they are sitting on the same cat tree together. This makes me very happy because my cats are so important to me!"

Jennifer Smith

"Patience helped my fiancé and I when we needed it most. My fiancé was at his wits end with litter box issues after introducing our fifth cat, a permanent foster. Patience quickly identified issues within our family of cats and reasons for increased stress and litter box incontinence. She sat with me and developed an actionable plan that I could begin to implement that day. Several weeks after her in-home assessment, we are no longer experiencing the litter box issues we had before and there is visibly less tension between our family of five cats. She was also great at answering additional questions via email beyond our assessment. I would highly recommend Patience for your cat behavioral issues."

Lindsey Rozynek

"Patience taught me patience (and lots of other things). I adopted two kitties that had been house mates for 5 years. About two months after the move, there was an episode of redirected aggression, which resulted in a lot of hissing, growling and one cat chasing the other and that cat hiding for long periods of time. Of course, the first place I went for answers to this issue was Google. I had owned a single cat in the past – but never multiple cats – so I had no idea what was going on or what to do. Google was definitely the wrong place to go. So much incorrect information and so much conflicting advice. So, after about two months of separating the cats, trying to re-introduce them and failing miserably, I decided that I needed professional help. Thank goodness I found Patience! She was very understanding and easy to talk to…she didn’t talk down to me or make me feel like a failure (I did that myself!). Not only did Patience interpret my cat’s behavior, she also explained reasons why the behavior was occurring and helped me to better understand the behavior. She gave us training exercises and the steps I needed to take to eventually re-introduce the cats. I strictly followed the behavioral plan that she would write up after each session. It took a little bit of time, but my cats are now fully integrated, and there are no more gates separating my house (and my cats!). They play with each other again and life Is good. I really don’t think we would have gotten here with Patience to guide us. I am extremely grateful for her knowledge and compassion, which enabled me to learn more about my cats and give me the confidence that I needed to get us all back on track. I will not hesitate to call Patience in the future if we need her! Thank you, Patience!!"

Naomi Brown

"Patience helped me understand my cat better and recommended simple changes that made a world of difference. Now my kitty uses her litter box consistently and is overall a happier and more confident cat. Patience helped me understand how a cat sees the world, so I could make my cat feel safe and secure. Once I understood what caused her anxiety and why, it wasn't hard to make some simple changes that worked incredibly well."

Kathy Mann

"Patience is phenomenal. Our cat was having some fear and aggression issues that were preventing us from moving around the house normally with him. Patience got us back on track in the course of a few visits. She was kind, understanding, and worked with us through several schedule changes. We feel like we are closer with our cat than ever before and that we understand his behavior on a new level. She made a huge difference to us. If we could rate higher we very much would. Thank you, Patience, for everything!"

Alexander Braniff

"Patience was fabulous! We had recently brought home a newborn and wanted to make sure our cat was adjusting properly. She was very knowledgeable and walked us through the different behavioral cues that our cat was giving. He adjusted within a week to the new sounds/smells/interactions and is doing very well. We appreciate her expertise!"

Michelle Kaminski

"We had two cats but sadly one passed away. We adopted another cat shortly after. We were impatient and rushed the introduction. What a mistake. After that we kept them separated but a reintroduction seemed almost impossible. They couldn’t even look at each other. Through my frantic search for help I came across Patience. I can’t say enough about her services. She helped us achieve what felt like the impossible. We are still working on building a relationship between our two cats but they have come a long way."

Melissa Karlak

"Patience was very knowledgeable and thorough in helping me find multiple solutions to my cats’ self-destructive behavior. She took the time to explain each option and how to carry those options out. She even provided information on where I could find certain products that would help my cat. He no longer is chewing on his paws and seems to be much happier now that I have introduced the tips that Patience provided into his daily routine. Highly recommend!"

Dana Vietmeier

"I highly recommend Patience. I have sibling cats there were very close, but after one’s visit to the vet they started having non-recognition aggression issues. Thanks to Patience’s help and working her action plan, I have been able to get my little guys back to being friends again. I cannot imagine where I would be without her help!"

Kelly Flatley

"I absolutely recommend Patience to anyone who needs a little help with their furry felines! Moving my two cats into a house with two existing cats was proving to be a little too much for us to handle alone, so we enlisted the help of Patience. The cats will choose their own pace and we aren't done yet, but our cats can now: go to a box/mat on cue, touch a toy on cue, sit and spin, and high five! Not all of these were necessary for training, but it sure is a fun bonus! Daily cat interactions will continue and we feel like Patience gave us the tools we need to do it on our own. Valuable expertise that I will apply to any cat I meet now or in the future! Thanks Patience!!!"

Kelly Benninger

"I highly recommend Patience for assistance in cat behavior. She is also available for virtual visits which was perfect considering the craziness of the world right now.

I've been fostering a cat for several months who does not use the litter box. I tried everything I could think of to get him trained, including a vet visit. Nothing worked. Patience was my last hope and I wish I would have gone to her sooner! She was very thorough in my consultation.

The next day she had a detailed and customized behavior plan put together and it worked! I literally almost cried the first time he used the box, lol! She also made some other unrelated recommendations for miscellaneous things she noticed in my consultation, which were also wonderful! Could not be more grateful for her work with my foster. Thank you, Patience!"

Jamie Dwyer

"I found Patience online after searching pet behaviorists and I must say she is exceptional! I have a very difficult cat who is high anxiety and was going outside her litter box, and did not like my new boyfriend! The tips and information she offered me were great! Boppy Mae is 10 years old and I wasn't expecting much change. 4 items we were to work on were taking medicine from a syringe, not using the floor as her litter box, crate training and getting her to like my boyfriend and a friend who visits often. I started 3 of the 4 and have yet to do the crate training, but I must say Boppy Mae is more comfortable with guests. She will never be perfect but I am so happy I reached out to Patience and she was able to come and help me! She consistently reached out to check on Boppy and was a great support for me! I hope to continue using her as we go along! My kitty has made such great progress and I didn't know she even had it in her! 🙂 "

Ashley Ganoe

"My husband and I were a little bit skeptical about hiring this type of service but after meeting Patience and listening to some of her novel ideas about what could help our cat Fred with his litter box issues, we feel that it was money well spent. She had great ideas that we are beginning to implement and have already noticed quite a change in Fred's litter box behavior. I would recommend Patience to anyone who has cat behavior issues. Again, money very well spent."

Molly Kremer

“Patience helped me out a lot with my two cats who were having some non-recognition aggression issues soon after I adopted them. Not only have they made a lot of progress toward re-introduction, but Patience's tips have made them more confident, healthier, and happier. It has been great to see their personalities come out!”

Mary McGlohon

“Patience was great! She was super flexible with scheduling and gave a us a great plan for our cats. We went from not being able to leave them alone unsupervised, to them cuddling together in their cat bed. Thank you!!”

Megan Dawson

“Patience really knows and understands cats, their behavior and why cats behave the way they do. I have been working as a behavioral consultant for the past 17 years and I have to say that Patience is brilliant. Do yourself a favor and get the best advice to resolve issues from the best cat behavior trainer around. Highly recommend!”

Karen Baily

“Patience was wonderful to work with! She was very pleasant, consistent, thorough and worked with us until the issue was solved. Our cat, Ruti, has been peeing outside of the litter box since we moved to our new home. We just thought that this is how it was going to be but Patience's suggestions proved us wrong and we cannot believe it! Highly recommend working with her. Thank you!”

Carolyn Hilliard

"Prompt, clear, easy to follow advice. Frustrating litter box problem solved!!"

Jill Power Beitel

“We have 2 cats and after one passed, we brought a new cat into the house. We definitely rushed the introduction between the resident cat (11 yr old) and the new cat less than 2 yrs old), and it set us way back. They couldn't even look at each from across the house through a gate without one getting upset. Patience taught us a lot about recognizing behaviors, body language, and how to introduce them slowly. We were hoping for both of them to be friends, and not just co-exist. We couldn't be happier with the results! With Patience's help, our cats are now playing, grooming each other, napping together, and are best friends.”

Big Stew