Offering in-home cat behavior help in Pittsburgh and Virtual training worldwide.

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The Science of Feline IntroductionsA self-study course


How Patience for Cats Can Help You & Your Cat

In-Home and Virtual Cat Behavior Modification

Patience for Cats can help you correct unwanted cat behaviors, such as aggression, not using the litterbox, or spraying.

Cat Care Made Easy

Patience for Cats makes care of your cat easier. Contact me to teach your cat to enter his cat carrier, tolerate nail trims, and come when called.

Cat Behavior Presentations

Patience for Cats offers Learning at Lunchtime for veterinarians and talks about cat behavior for shelters and civic groups. Contact me for details.

Changing your cat's behavior is possible! I use science-based methods to help get your cat's behavior on track. I can help you and your cat make life better.

Not in Pittsburgh?I offer online behavior help, too!


Enjoy life with your cat again thanks to Patience for Cats

Getting professional cat behavior help is easy. In fact, Patience for Cats offers in-home cat behavior help for Pittsburgh and its eastern suburbs. Live further away? Ask about Virtual sessions, or about my travel fee.

Tried Feliway and medication? These don’t often work on their own. Working with a behavior consultant to develop a comprehensive behavior modification plan offers the best chance of success.

My accreditations include:

  • BS Biology, Lehigh University
  • Certified Veterinary Assistant, Cedar Valley College/AAHA
  • Diploma of Feline Behavior Science and Technology, Companion Animal Science Institute
  • Associate Certified by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
  • Member of the Pet Professional Guild