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Patience helps owners set and meet goals for making their cat’s behavior easy to live with, while enriching the cat’s life. Patience uses kind, gentle methods that are based on the science of conditioning, as well as species-specific knowledge. Creating an environment that will prevent or eliminate problem behaviors is also part of the plan.

Problem behaviors dealt with include:

  • unreliable litter box use
  • scratching furniture
  • aggression
  • shyness / fear

Patience also teaches how to correctly introduce a cat to a new home and to the resident cats, which prevents unwanted feline behaviors. (See Patience Fisher’s article on this subject in the September, 2015 issue of BARKS from the Guild.) How to set your cat up for success is an important topic which is taught in a PowerPoint presentation to local groups as well as online.

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Correcting problem behaviors:
  • reliable litter box use
  • redirecting scratching to a post or pad
  • cat-cat aggression
  • cat hostility to a new family member
  • fearful cats
Preventing problem behaviors:
  • choosing the right kitten or cat for you
  • setting your kitten or cat up for success
  • introducing a kitten or cat to resident pets
  • conditioning a cat to accept a new baby (this needs to start well before the baby comes home)
  • clicker training: come, sit, go-to- mat, and walking on a leash
  • proper play and proper resources
Feline PowerPoints:
  • Setting your Cat up for Success
  • Cat-cat introductions
  • Cat Communication

About Patience Fisher

Patience Fisher
  • BS Biology, Lehigh University
  • Certified Veterinary Assistant, Cedar Valley College/AAHA
  • Diploma of Feline Behavior Science and Technology, Companion Animal Science Institute
  • Member of the Pet Professional Guild and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
  • Patience Fisher
  • Patience Fisher
  • Patience Fisher


Fees are due before or at the beginning of each session. If you would like to interview me by phone before retaining my services, please email me to make an appointment to do so.

Behavior consultations are $110 for clients near Pittsburgh’s eastern suburbs. A travel fee is applied to those well beyond this area. Skype sessions are often an option to avoid travel charges. For behavior issues requiring multiple consultations, packages are available. Email advice between sessions is included with all packages.

Presentations to groups on feline behavior are often offered free of charge. Please contact me for details.

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