What to Expect When You Book a Behavior Consultation with Patience for Cats

Before you book a Behavior Consultation, you will be sent a link to a Client History Form. After it has been received you will be sent a Service Agreement, and your consultation will be scheduled.

The consultation is divided into 3 parts, each of which takes 20-30 minutes:

Part One: Information Gathering

The first part of the consultation will be gathering information. I will have questions for you based on the information I received in advance. This quiet time chatting will also give your cat a chance to get comfortable with having me in their home. For Skype or phone consultations I may ask that you send me videos of your cat in advance.


Part Two: The Tour

The second part of the consultation will be a tour of your house, with special emphasis on how your cat uses each room. If your cat is willing, I might ask you to interact with her, or I might interact with her. For Skype or phone consultations, I will have asked for a rough floorplan of your house in advance. For Skype I will want to see your house via your laptop. For phone consultations I will need you to send video clips and photos in advance.


Part Three: Planning and Training

The last part of the consultation will be a discussion about how to address your cat’s problem behavior. I will explain the step-wise goals, the reasoning behind them, and my ideas on how to achieve them. Your input is crucial – it must be a plan that you are willing to do. We will discuss if the problem will likely be solved in one step, and if so you can just let me know later if we need to set up a second consultation.

If it is a more complex case we will discuss whether it might be solved with just one more consultation, in which case you are encouraged to book and pay for it at that time in order to get free email support. If it appears that two or more consultations are needed, you will have the opportunity to apply the current consultation to a package, which is four consultations. This includes email support between appointments.