The Cat Dancer is the Perfect Wand Toy for Many Cats

A cat plays with the Cat Dancer.

The Cat Dancer is a wand toy. Using it correctly can inspire your cat to use his hunting skills. This is a great way to build confidence in cats, and lessen many behavioral problems. Because the Cat Dancer is small and moves erratically, many cats tend to like it more than other wand toys. This is especially true of shy cats.

How it Works

The Cat Dancer is small pieces of cardboard attached to a wire. The small size of the cardboard makes it less scary than other wand toys. The cardboard is only about the size of a bug, which is sometimes the only prey a house cat will hunt. The wire allows the cardboard prey to move erratically, just like a bug.

Video of How to Use the Cat Dancer
How to get the most out of the Cat Dancer.

The above video shows you how to make the best use of the Cat Dancer. Let the wire do most of the movement. Don’t move the toy aggressively. Remember, you are trying to make it seem like a bug that the cat would not be afraid to try to catch. Mainly move it back and forth, or away from the cat. If you move it forward, go slowly. We want to build the cat’s confidence, not scare him or make him aggressive. Let him catch it and reward his hunt with a treat.

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