Active Kitten Driving You Crazy?

active kitten

An active kitten is fun, but not all day long, or when you are trying to get things done. I do recommend keeping a young, active kitten in a kitten-safe room when unattended. But he won’t be there all the time. And this playfulness can continue to well past a year old. So you need another strategy as well.

At 6—12 months old you may have 10 lbs. of enthusiastic muscle and claws jumping out from behind the potted plant to grab you and then run away. And this is often at a most inconvenient time. What to do?

First, look for patterns. What time of day is the young cat most active? What time of day are you most in need of a break? If you are like most people, one answer is first thing in the morning.

I recommend having special toys for the mornings. Toss them before the active kitten attacks. So, have them in your bathrobe pocket or in a drawer you can access before entering the young cat’s attack zone. Your active kitten gets to “hunt” in the morning after a boring night of no motion, and you get to have a cup of coffee in peace.

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 Patience Fisher owns Patience for Cats LLC, a cat behavior business based in Pittsburgh, PA. She is associate certified by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She holds a Bachelor’s in Biology, a Diploma of Feline Behavior Science Technology, and is a certified veterinary assistant. Visit her on Facebook at Patience for Cats.

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